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Impacting your costs, experience and outcomes choosing a clinic that’s right for you and your needs is key.
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There’s nothing like real-life, first-hand

Expert advice is helpful but reviews from real women who have been or are currently on their fertility journey are invaluable to other women starting out.

We’ll ask about your experience with your clinic, from how transparent they were about costs and treatments to how they communicated and made you feel. This is the information women have told us they need, and what you are in a unique position to provide.

Your input and shared experiences will help thousands of women navigate their journey and select a clinic that’s right for them.
Age 34
From my first consultation, I felt incredibly comfortable with my consultant who listened to all my questions and queries. He gave me his personal email address so I was able to contact him whenever I needed to which really put my mind at ease.
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Working out costs doesn't have to be hard

Your journey is unique and so are your costs. Some parts will be fixed, and others will vary. But we’re here to help you work them all out upfront, so you’ll know your likely liabilities, be able to compare clinics and reduce stress.

We’ll explain how treatment costs are constructed, what information should be provided and when, and provide publicly available data on clinic pricing for key services, meaning you’ll have all this information before you start your treatment.
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How to short list and pick a clinic

Success rates can often be misleading

Whilst many women focus on success rates only, it's worth noting that these can sometimes be a little deceiving.
The Experience
These are just some of the areas that'll need research but helpfully, we've already started pulling all this important information together for you.
Find out more about the importance of finding a clinic that aligns with your needs and not one that ranks no.1 on Google.