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Age 36
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My experience at HSFC for ICSI mirrors the experiences of my friends for egg freezing. I would not choose this clinic for a private experience if you are paying for treatment. The overwhelming feeling is that it is a factory for IVF and egg freezing and the patient experience lags behind other private and NHS clinics. Patient education and communication were the biggest issues. We were thrown into ICSI without much knowledge, clear timelines and guidelines on the process. We only spoke to Dr. Venkat three times in the whole process (initial consult, egg collection, failed cycle). Follow-up calls were not scheduled after the failed PGT testing. A coordinator mistakenly called and scheduled a transfer when the embryo did not pass and the clinic never took accountability for that awful mistake. They made me wait two days to clarify it was a mistake, even though it was their fault. I could not believe they could not get a doctor on the phone to clarify immediately and made me wait in torturous limbo for two days due to Dr. Venkat's schedule. Communication during the treatment was not good. Their phone line regularly hangs up on you when you try to call, and emails go unanswered. One email for the clinic is also frustrating. Contacting the clinic out of hours is frustrating because it is not possible. The worst part is that when Dr. Venkat informed us of the failed cycle, she immediately said that we could just do another round. We had to repeat what we told her on day 1 which was that we could not afford another round. The experience at HSFC is quantity of patients over quality.
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