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Age 35
Unexplained Infertility
Independently funded
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Overall Feedback
While the treatment and ethos here is more natural / less invasive as you're on less medications and paying less money, just bear in mind that the overall experience equates to what you pay for. After filling the online enquiry form, the initial consultation is with a Sales Rep rather than a fertility specialist which when you're heading into the unknown (if this is your first time), felt very salesy, impersonal and pushy. The clinics felt very clinical, a little bit dull and gloomy. An incident that happened which added to my bad experience was when waiting for the results of my blood test result to confirm a pregnancy. Unfortunately we missed the first call which meant my husband got left a voicemail by the founder of abcIVF. While she didn't tell us the result in this voicemail, it was very obvious from her tone and manner that the result was not negative. This was bad form from the clinic as we would have liked to have had that conversation over the phone, first hand. Pretty much hearing that news in a voicemail was heartbreaking. Overall, if you're loking for Mild IVF and you fit the criteria for this clinic, it could be for you. But don't expect 5/5 service.
Cost transparency
Care and Respect
Seamless Experience
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abc IVF London
150 Cheapside, London EC2V 6ET, United Kingdom

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