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abc IVF
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Care and Respect:4
Communication: 4
Cost transparency: 3

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Part 1: About you

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Fertility service veteran
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While the treatment and ethos here is more natural / less invasive as you're on less medications and paying less money, just bear in mind that the overall experience equates to what you pay for. After filling the online enquiry form, the initial consultation is with a Sales Rep rather than a fertility specialist which when you're heading into the unknown (if this is your first time), felt very salesy, impersonal and pushy. The clinics felt very clinical, a little bit dull and gloomy.

An incident that happened which added to my bad experience was when waiting for the results of my blood test result to confirm a pregnancy. Unfortunately we missed the first call which meant my husband got left a voicemail by the founder of abcIVF. While she didn't tell us the result in this voicemail, it was very obvious from her tone and manner that the result was not negative. This was bad form from the clinic as we would have liked to have had that conversation over the phone, first hand. Pretty much hearing that news in a voicemail was heartbreaking.

Overall, if you're looking for Mild IVF and you fit the criteria for this clinic, it could be for you. But don't expect 5/5 service.

Including the clinic you’re reviewing today, how many clinics have managed your care?

Do you have any underlying health concerns that could have impacted your treatment?
Unexplained Infertility

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abc IVF
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Part 3: Your journey

Seamless experience

Did the same doctor oversee all your treatments, or did you see different doctors?
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Did the clinic provide a personalised treatment approach that felt tailored to you?
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At the start of your treatment, were you made aware of all the steps involved and the order in which they would happen?
How easy was it for you to get appointments at the clinic?

Did the clinic help you manage the logistics of your treatment?

Did the clinic provide or direct you to complementary support services?

Could you access your medical records, with details of your treatment and test results, during and after your treatment with the clinic?

Reflecting on your answers, how would you rate the clinic overall on seamless experience?

Care and Respect

Were clinic staff friendly and supportive?

Did you feel like you were in safe hands?

Did the clinic ensure your privacy and dignity?

How would you describe the mood at the clinic?

Reflecting on your answers, how would you rate the clinic overall on care and respect?


Did the doctor make your diagnosis and treatment clear and easy to understand?

Were you made aware of the likely chances of success before your treatment started?

Did the doctor make time to listen to your personal circumstance and story?

Did the clinic or doctor listen and respond quickly to any questions or concerns you had?

If you had any issues that occurred outside clinic hours, was there a member of clinical staff available to talk to?

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Overall, how would you rate the clinic’s facilities?
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Financial transparency

Before you started treatment, were you given a fully costed treatment plan?

Was it made clear to you that the cost of medication, tests, and other items might vary?

If your treatment plan changed, were you made aware of any additional costs before starting a new plan?

Did the clinic make you aware that you could purchase your medication from other pharmacies?

Did the clinic make you aware of their cancellation and refund policies?

Reflecting on your answers, how would you rate the clinic overall on financial transparency?

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